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Built to help directors, corporate boards, and senior executives understand cyber risk and how it impacts their organisation.

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Quickly improve your
cyber risk confidence and understanding reducing your personal liability exposure.

Quickly improve your cyber risk understanding and confidence reducing your personal liability exposure.

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Practical guidance

in plain English on key cyber risk responsibilities directors and corporate boards need to know.


view that addresses people, processes, and technology.

Fast, best-practice, plain English.

For directors, corporate boards and senior executive management teams.

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Measure the maturity of your cyber risk program.

Mapped to the leading industry frameworks.

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See how you rate. Quickly identify how your organisation is performing across eight critical areas of cyber risk management.

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Your privacy is our priority.

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We use leading-edge techniques and technologies sourced from the world’s most-trusted platform providers.

A secure platform that keeps your data safe and private.

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    Multi-factor authentication
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    De-identified reports
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    Download only (not emailed)
The private information that is entrusted to us is treated with the utmost care and responsibility, as we strive to provide a trusted relationship with each and every one of our clients.

We’ve specifically architected a platform that is designed to keep personal information and maturity assessment data secure. We utilise industry-best practices, such as multi-factor authentication and data isolation, and can ensure that we treat all sensitive information as we would our own.

The use of multi-factor authentication strenghts credentialed access to build a significant and robust barricade between any malicious actors and your personal information. Our onboarding process is simplified through the use of the “best of breed” credentialing system which allows for secure, streamlined provisioning and ongoing management of our users.

All personally identifiable information and corporate information that we collect during the provisioning process is kept completely isolated from all response data we receive during our assessment evaluations.

This assessment data is further isolated from the public internet, providing an additional level of security. Even in the highly unlikely event that this data was to be somehow breached, it is rendered wholly unusable, as we relate your answers to a tokenised version of the credentialed user. Isolation is a key process we employ in our provisioning and maturity assessment user interface, which keeps the two stages completely separate from each other.

We pride ourselves on our implementation of the leading edge techniques and technologies provided by the world’s top trusted platform providers. Our goal is to quickly and painlessly provision our clients into a secure platform that keeps the maturity assessment data they provide and the assessment reports safe, private and in the hands of the only people who should see it: You.

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Cyber risk:
Now a ‘Top 4’ issue for corporate boards.

Managing cyber risk is a relatively new responsibility for directors, corporate boards and even risk management teams. Traditionally, responsibility for cyber security has been delegated almost exclusively to an IT function to own and manage.

This approach seemed logical, but in reality has left organisations of all sizes under-prepared. Directors and corporate boards are becoming increasingly exposed to this risk and the ultimate responsibility of owning it and addressing it. There may also be regulatory implications depending on the industry sector the organisations operate within - especially those facing regulatory implications under APRA, AEMO or similar.

One of the greatest challenges these leaders are having is understanding the core concepts of cyber risk management and relating that back to how that can impact their organisation.

While boards and risk teams now generally accept that cyber security isn’t a problem technology alone can solve, there still remains a gap in clearly understanding why that is, what they need to know for greater confidence, and where limited resources should be focused for maximum benefit.


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